Your prescriber will determine the best dose of ABSORICA for you based on your weight and how you respond to treatment.

Kelly Clark is a snowboarding gold medalist and has struggled with severe nodular acne since her childhood. Watch Kelly’s videos and read her blogs about her experience with acne and ABSORICA treatment.

Kelly's Videos

Watch Kelly’s video as she reflects on her life and struggles with acne growing up. Also view her video logs (Vlogs), chronicling her treatment with ABSORICA, in real time.

March Vlog: Pre‑Treatment

April Vlog: Starting Treatment

May Vlog Treatment: 1 Month In

June Vlog Treatment: 2 Months In

July Vlog Treatment: 3 Months In

August Vlog Treatment: 4 Months In

September Vlog: Post‑Treatment

A Letter To Myself

Kelly reflects nostalgically on her life growing up, from novice snowboarder to champion, and her struggles with severe nodular acne along the way. As she reads her open letter to herself, you get a candid look into her trials and tribulations dealing with acne as a public figure and her experience with ABSORICA treatment.

March Vlog: Pre-Treatment

Watch Kelly share why treatment for severe recalcitrant nodular acne is important to her. She also describes her preparation for taking ABSORICA by participating in the iPLEDGE™ Program.

April Vlog: Starting Treatment

Kelly has now completed all of her iPLEDGE Program requirements and is ready to start her treatment with ABSORICA.

May Vlog Treatment: 1 Month In

It's been one month since Kelly started treatment with ABSORICA. She has seen her Dermatology Healthcare Specialist for another check-up, and had her medication delivered.

June Vlog Treatment: 2 Months In

Kelly has been on ABSORICA for two months now. Despite experiencing a few flare-ups, which can happen at this stage of treatment, Kelly has noticed a difference in her skin.

July Vlog Treatment: 3 Months In

After three months on ABSORICA, Kelly is feeling comfortable and confident, describing her complexion as even and consistent. She no longer thinks about putting makeup on before leaving the house.

August Vlog Treatment: 4 Months In

Kelly has been on ABSORICA for almost four months, and she continues to meet her iPLEDGE Program requirements. Because ABSORICA can be taken with or without food, Kelly has been able to train at her highest capacity without adjusting her schedule around mealtimes.

September Vlog: Post-Treatment

After five months of treatment, Kelly has taken her last dose of ABSORICA. She is pleased with her even complexion and her Dermatology Healthcare Professional hopes her skin will remain clear.

Kelly's Blog Posts

I am just finishing up another snowboarding season, and am happy to have recovered from my hip surgery so well and get back to where I hoped to be. This year was a true journey of recovery for me, a building year, as I'll hopefully be heading into an exciting competition season next year feeling both physically and mentally strong.

If you followed my story or watched my video journal (above), you were able to see me go through another very important journey – managing my severe recalcitrant nodular acne with ABSORICA®. I suffered from severe recalcitrant nodular acne through my teens, and I never really grew out of it. I had deep painful sores on my face, to be honest, that really affected me. I tried too many treatments, including antibiotics, to count over the years, but nothing seemed to clear up my skin. When I found out about ABSORICA, I had hope that it was the breakthrough solution I was looking for.

When I started treatment with ABSORICA, it was a commitment I took seriously. I signed up for the mandatory iPLEDGE Program. The iPLEDGE Program is a risk management program that all patients on isotrentinoin are required to participate in. Two forms of birth control are required for female patients of childbearing potential to prevent pregnancy. I took a pregnancy test and waited one month before starting treatment, just as my doctor asked me. And I took a pregnancy test every month throughout treatment. I had some side effects during my treatment but my dermatologist explained those to me so I knew what to expect.

Common side effects include: dry lips, dry skin, back pain, dry eye, joint pain, nose bleeds, headache, nasopharyngitis, chapped lips, dermatitis, chelitis (inflammation of the lips), musculoskeletal discomfort, upper respiratory tract infection, reduced visual acuity. ABSORICA may cause serious mental health problems.

I began my treatment almost two years ago and significantly cleared up my severe recalcitrant nodular acne in 5 months of treatment. And guess what? Today, I still have clear skin! It's just amazing how much the treatment transformed my skin.

Most people don't know this, but as a professional snowboarder, the only area of me that people actually see is the area between my goggles and my jacket, and that was where most of my pain and discomfort was. I was embarrassed, always choosing a scarf-like neck warmer to pull up, simply so people could not see my severe recalcitrant nodular acne. Now I love my skin and don't have to stress over trying to cover it up.

I see photos of me from past snowboard events and those are the photos that you are supposed to cherish and be proud of, but I have a hard time seeing past the dark spots on my face. I see photos now and my skin is the last thing that I am looking at. How I look at those podium photos now has really changed and I can now appreciate those memories. When I see old pictures it's hard to accept that, that was really my old reality. Severe recalcitrant nodular acne may not seem like a big deal, but when you are the person who is struggling with it, and has been struggling for a long time, it is a very big deal.

Peers and media sometimes comment about how clear my skin looks in comparison to the past. I get a lot of positive response as I have been in the sport for a long time and people have watched me grow up. People often comment on severe recalcitrant nodular acne in a cautious way, trying not to mention how you used to look while stating that you look great now. I always say thanks. While severe recalcitrant nodular acne is a personal struggle and not always something you want to discuss with the media, I like having the opportunity to share my story. Perhaps there is someone out there who is going through what I was going through. Maybe my story will give them hope and encourage them to look into options that could get them the treatment they need.

While people from afar notice a difference, it's really the people close to me that see the biggest change. My family didn't just see how acne was affecting me publicly; they saw how it affected me daily. It was not just a sudden issue for me; they have watched me struggle for most of my life. There isn't a time that I see my parents when they don't stop the conversation and just state how my skin is so clear. I don't see the dramatic change unless I see photos and stop to recognize how far I have come. My parents are still in awe of it and probably will always be.

Like most people, I have plenty of things to manage in life and an exciting journey ahead. It's nice to know that issues with my skin are under control. It helps me out as a snowboarder and public figure, as well as in life in general. I enjoy seeing photos of myself and I am more confident than I have ever been. I am so grateful that I found a treatment that worked for me.

I am just shifting gears and getting a little break before my training really picks up, but I'm excited for the journey ahead – and hopefully I'll have some new podium photos that will really be worth celebrating!

Kelly Clark is a paid spokesperson for ABSORICA®.

Kelly Clark's experience with ABSORICA® may not be typical. Your prescriber will determine the best dose of ABSORICA for you based on your weight and how you respond to treatment. The personal opinions expressed by the patient do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Ranbaxy Laboratories Inc., a SUN PHARMA company.