ABSORICA Success Stories


Before & After Photos

Severe (nodular) acne is a serious kind of acne that is resistant to many treatments. ABSORICA is an effective treatment that can reduce the appearance of acne within just 5 months. Take a look at real patient results and read their testimonials below.

Actual patient photographs, individual patient results may vary.

  • All patients shown took ABSORICA twice daily for 5 months as directed

Patient Testimonials

“I don’t think my skin has ever been even and consistent. It’s amazing to see the transformation.”

“I’m not even done treatment and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin. So I can’t wait to finish up treatment and see what the final results are.”

“[Friends and family] told me how big of a difference my face is…everyone always asks me what I took.”

“And now, a year after completing my treatment, my skin continues to be clear.”

“My skin looks a lot better than it did before. It’s a lot clearer, I rarely get zits, so I’m really happy with it...it’s nice to have skin that’s not covered in acne.”

“I used to have terrible acne and now it’s just a lot clearer.”

“Other treatments weren’t really working so I wanted a treatment that would work, so I decided that it was worth it. And it was.”

“Over the last five months, I’ve seen improvement in my skin that I didn’t know was possible.”

“Over the months of treatment, I saw my skin start to clear up, and stay clear”